DexGaming112 Desk Mat

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DexGaming112 Twitch Channel as a Featured Streamer for Soesic Gaming


Soesic Gaming's desk matts are made from 100% non skid, natural rubber with a soft fabric neoprene top layer. They are 1/8 inch thick and decorated via sublimation dye.

This design is one of our Featured Creator designs and was designed for our Featured Streamer DEXGAMING112! Proceeds from any items designed for our Featured Streamers are shared between our Featured Creator Program and Soesic Gaming's team and designers.

Check out DEXGAMING112 on Twitch:

All our designs are printed right here in the USA by a passionate and creative staff to match the passion, values, and creativity at Soesic Gaming. With high-resolution direct-to-garment printing, our distributors have some of the only digital printing technology in the USA able to offer 1200 dpi resolution on apparel with a soft-hand feel quality that is unmatched in the market. 

At Soesic Gaming we combine this high quality standard, with our passion for Video Games and our Gamer lifestyle in general, to build a brand of unique gear made by both us and by gamers and artists from all around the country.