Adv0cate Real Gold Flakes Wrist Rest

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This variety of our Adv0cate luxury wrist rests are perfused with GENUINE GOLD FLAKES for style & elegance. 
Adv0cate Twitch Channel as a Featured Streamer for Soesic Gaming
"Our luxury wrist rests started out as Hobby. As video game enthusiast we wanted more. We were tired of the same boring wrist rests....
Here at Adv0cate, we customize wrist rest to the fullest extent of your imagination. You think it , We create it!" - Adv0cate

A good keyboard wrist rest will naturally place your wrists and forearms in the proper position for extended comfort during those long nights gaming. It should relieve pressure from your shoulders and prevent your wrists from bending backwards. Proper wrist rests will also provide a comfortable resting spot when you have some down time in your game to chill and relax for a second! 

Adv0cate handmakes each and every one of our luxury wrists rests To Order!

Once you place your order, we will contact you (at the email address you provide with your order) to confirm your color and style choices. 

We love trying out new ideas! Send us your color scheme ideas and Adv0cate will make it with you!