Content Creator Guide

Featured Streamers, Gamers, Bloggers, Creators, for Soesic Gaming


We've worked with thousands of content creators (streamers, bloggers, competitive gamers, etc.) and we know that less than one percent of them will ever see real success in the Gaming industry. That's why we believe the Soesic Gaming community will be far more successful in achieving their goals together, rather than individually.

As a Content Creator for Soesic Gaming we can work together to cross promote each other’s brands and pages. We will share your streams and posts and they will even randomly be pinned to the top of our social media pages giving you access to our entire audience each time you post on our platforms.

As a Soesic Content Creator you will receive a unique discount code that you can add to all your posts to get your viewers exclusive discounts. The Content Creators whose codes are getting used the most will get giveaway items for their fans (hats, steam keys, hoodies, etc.) as well as VIP highlights on our social media pages and groups. 

We will also make you a FREE design customized with your brand and gamer tag to put on an item of your choice (hat, tank, hoodie, etc.) and we will feature you in our store! This gives you an opportunity to sell gear with your brand on it and get your name out there. Anyone who comes to our store will be able to see your unique design giving you added exposure and added sales opportunities.

Featured Streamers, Gamers, Bloggers, Creators, for Soesic Gaming


In exchange, you feature the Soesic Logo on your posts & somewhere in your logo or banner. Make sure you mention us at least once in each stream and post so that people know that the logo means you are a Featured Creator for Soesic Gaming, where to find our website, and who we are!


~ Streamers Exempt From the Following Requirements - though of course we'd love it if you did! ~
As a Soesic Gaming Content Creator, you commit to contribute a minimum of 1 content piece per week on one of our social media platforms (Social Media Platforms include Twitch, Youtube, Discord, Facebook, Instagram, & Twitter). Once a month this content piece should be unique to Soesic Gaming (meaning you have not posted this article/stream/etc. anywhere else except on Soesic Gaming’s pages).
Each month you’ll post on at least 2 different Soesic Gaming social media platforms (ex: Youtube & Facebook Group, Twitter & Twitch, etc.) rather than just sticking to the same thing every time.





~ From Soesic ~

The dream is definitely achievable, but you've got to have the willpower and the knowledge to work towards it.

  • Hustle Consistently - As you may already know, a stream schedule is important. It's not always possible but if you can use one, do. Research your audience’s peak viewing hours and monitor yours directly.                                                                                                          
  • Maximize Return Rates - You want viewers who stumble upon your stream (or videos) to follow and subscribe – maximize every opportunity. Carefully study your most impactful traffic drivers so that you can recreate that momentum.    Study what best drew your viewers in, study what kept them there, and study at which point of the video interest and views seem to be trailing off and learn from those mistakes                                                                                   
  • Branding - You have a thing, figure out what it is if you don't know. Timthetatman is the tat man. Ninja has the blue hair. Tfue looks like the guy from Fortnite and endorses it. & Dr. Disrespect even has an entire character when he streams. I'm not saying you have to go that far, but something that establishes yourself as memorable and unique helps.                                                                                                         
  • Authentic Personality - All of the above examples also are super charismatic. You don't HAVE to be THAT outgoing to be successful though, especially if you're a skilled player (Shroud for example), the most important thing is authenticity. People HATE fake-ness and the instant you let something slip - fans will become strangers (or enemies).      Be yourself in your videos and have fun, that’s why we’re here.                                                                                                                           
  • Monetization - There are a lot of ways to monetize, a lot of people think of ads when they heard monetization but ads pay very little compared to affiliations, sponsorship deals, and other more lucrative options.                                                                                                                               
  • Networking - Chances are, you came across this guide in a networking setting so you probably know something about this already but we’d love to have you join Soesic’s community of gamers and creators.

Even as a new member to our gaming community, Soesic Gaming has lots of opportunities for you to get involved, not only as a member, but as a valued contributor!