Featured Creator Store Guide


Have all these awesome designs and sketches sitting in a sketchbook not being put to good use? Have a page somewhere doing okay but want more exposure and additional opportunities? Instead of setting up an intricate store, adding all of your designs, paying high monthly subscription fees, and knowing you’re the only one driving traffic to your store, let us set one up for you!

For less than $4 a month Soesic Gaming will build your whole store for you and feature you as a one of Soesic Gaming’s Featured Creators (check them out in our Featured Creator Stores dropdown menu), where we all promote each other and drive traffic to our community so we can grow together. Each month we will feature artists from our gallery & showcase their designs on our social media pages and website to help our artists gain traction.


You will need to email us your designs and let us know which product you want them on (hoodie, tank, coffee mug, etc.)  You can send the emails to

Check the bottom of this page for a link where you can manage your subscriptions. After your store and designs are set up, (generally within 48 hours but can take up to 2 weeks if you have a lot of designs or more complicated product requests), we will email you your creator store link.
You could sell your own merchandise but unless you buy a bulk deal of shirts, it's going to be expensive... And where do you store all those shirts? And then you have to deal with shipping it which takes a lot time, then if the package gets lost, you're out of pocket...
You could use a company for your merchandise fulfillment.... but you'd have to sell multiple shirts every month just to break even with most of those subscriptions not to mention the maintenance and setup.

If only you could work with Soesic Clothing Co, and leverage their network and team members to manage and promote your brand.....

You can! With higher quality and low minimum product prices!
Now you can better focus on what you enjoy while Soesic takes care of all the store setup, maintenance, and promotion, for a much lower monthly cost than if you were to try and build your own store.
[...] an insanely good deal, the reason I quit offering my own merch on stream labs was because they wanted to charge $12 a month just to have a merch page and I thought that was ridiculous [...] I would say that the quality I've gotten from Soesic so far is better than anything I got from Stream Labs for sure" -