9 Gaming Tips to Become a Better Gamer ~ by Uchenna Agwu

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9 Gaming Tips to Become a Better Gamer ~ by Uchenna Agwu

 Want to become a better gamer?

Then get ready to learn new gaming tips that’ll help you to actualize your dream of becoming a better gamer.

This blog post will provide you with these exact gaming tools.
It is packed with 9 awesome tips that’ll help you improve your gaming skills and become a better gamer in less time and with less effort. 

 Have a Long-time Gaming Goal

Having a gaming goal may sound wild, but it’s necessary as it helps you define your gaming path. As a gamer who wants to take your gaming skills to the next level, you need to have a gaming goal because without a goal in mind you can’t measure your progress.

In addition to being able to measure your gaming efforts, it also helps you to choose the right game.  Your goal to a large extent determines the type of game you’ll choose and play.
For example, if you want to play to impress your friends, you’ll want to choose the game they love to play, learn in and out of the game so you can play better than them. In this case, immediately you begin to play better than them, you’ll know that you’ve reached your goal.

If you want to become a pro, you’ll want to research and pick games with large tournaments and awesome prizes that you’ll finish. In this example, your goal will be to finish the tournament and to win the prizes, so that way you have something to measure.
Lastly, if you did want to start streaming you’ll definitely want to research and select a newer and more popular game that a lot of gamers want to play.


 Watch Videos of Expert Playing

Watching the videos of expert gameplay is one way to improve your gaming skills. When you watch these videos, you can see how they respond and deal with certain situations. That way you can discover and adopt new strategies and tactics that you never knew existed.
You can also learn how they anticipate their opponent’s next move before they take action and how they respond to their opponent when they meet each other.

A lot of these expert gaming videos are on YouTube or streaming videos. If you’re trying to learn and master a specific game, watching expert video gameplay is the best option for you.

Check Online for Strategies And Tips

Checking online for gaming tips and strategies is one way to discover great tips, tactics, and strategies that can help you improve your gaming skills. There are loads of tips available online that you can search, read, and adopt. Even here in Soesic Gaming we share a lot of tips that can help achieve your goal of becoming a better gamer. We also show case top designers and gamer designed shops.


 Play with People Who Are Better Than You

Another sure way to improve your skills is by playing with gamers who are better than you. But most times, you may be tempted to play with people of the same gaming level or even people worse than you because you want to feel like a champion.
But the truth is playing with people who are ahead of you will help you learn a lot about how you can improve your skills. Because it’s much like playing soccer with the world's best footballers.

You’ll definitely lose your games, but you’ll learn how they tackle and how they move with the ball until they put it into the net.


 Strengthen Your Hand Muscles

As a gamer, strengthening your hand muscles is very crucial because your gaming skills depend a lot on the muscles on your finger and wrist. The main reason why this is essential is that when you play a game for more than 30 minutes, you’ll start to feel strain in your hands.
Immediately you begin to experience this, it affects your gaming skills so badly. Thus, strengthening your hand muscles will not only make your muscles quick to react, it’ll also stop less responsiveness and strain from setting in.
A few exercises that you could use to strengthen your muscles include wrist and fingers stretch and tennis ball squeezes.


 Improve Your Ability to Think Quickly

When playing games, you need to be fast and smart in decision making. Every now and then a game will throw something at you without really giving you the time to get ready for it. In this situation, you’ll need to quickly make a decision and make a move. For instance, during gameplay, there are several action-events that need you to quickly press a button during an event that you never expected.

Your ability to be quick in decision making will make you become a better gamer. So, it’s important that you find a way to develop it.
The type of games that I’ll recommend for this smart decision ability development process is puzzle games.
When playing puzzle games as the pieces begin to rain on you, you won’t have more than half-a-second to think of where to fix the pieces. Before you even finish fixing one piece in the proper position another piece is already on the way. For a few minutes, your brain will be forced to think without a break.
This intense quick thinking will help you develop the ability to also think quickly for other games.
Take Time to Set your Game.

When you pick up the gaming pad it’s always tempting to start the game and begin to play. Before you start playing it’s important for you to put in a little more time into setting the game rightly. If you fail to do so chances are you may get stuck by the things you failed to set during the gameplay.
I’m sure that you wouldn’t want that to help.
You can find the settings most professional gamers use at Pro Settings, the setting that you should really care about is how sensitivity your joysticks or mouse is.

The general rule of thumb is that if you’re playing a game that needs absolutely correct aim, a lower sensitivity will be the best option for you because with it you can make a very little adjustment, while a higher sensitivity will definitely make it hard.
In another case, a higher sensitivity will be better if your game needs a lot of surprise close counters and traversal because with it you can face your opponent faster.

 Optimize Your Gaming Space

There has always been a debate among gamers on the best gaming position. Some are of the opinion that sitting upright will help you focus more, while some others are of the opinion that casually lying back is the best position during gameplay.

Some have also talked extensively on the importance of investing in a nice gaming chair. In fact, a report from Ohio state university has shown that your body posture does not only affect the way people talk about you, but also the way you think about yourself. 

The reason for all the talks and debates is because your position during gameplay has a significant impact on your gaming experience.  While I may not recommend any position, it’s important that you take out time to examine yourself to know which gaming position that works best for you. 

 Choose the Right Gaming Gear

When choosing your game gear, the key thing to keep in mind is latency. What is latency you may wonder?
Hold on I’ll explain.

Latency simply means the difference in time between when action occurs in a game and when you actually see it.
You can easily be defeated by your opponent before you see it if your game is set to high latency.  This is because the information doesn’t get to your game server fast enough.
The few things that cause high latency include wireless controllers – keyboards and mouse and poor internet connections.
Wireless controllers - keyboards, mousses
When playing games, the type of controller you use really matters. Because they contribute majorly to your game latency. While you may be tempted to always go for a wireless controller because of its convenience, you can reduce latency by using a wired controller.

Poor Internet Connections
During online gameplay, a bad internet connection can impact your gaming experience negatively. Poor internet connection is another thing that contributes to latency. For a non-game professional wireless internet connection will be just fine, but for a pro gamer whose intent is to stack all of the odds in his favour, a wired internet connection will be better. Wired internet connection helps to decrease any observable lag and latency.
Use Headphones
Another gear to consider headphones. This gear has a great impact on your gaming experience. When playing some games, your ability to hear the audio clearly can give you a competitive edge over your opponent, because it tells you when and where your opponent is.

 Analyze Your Play

There is a popular saying that “experience is the best teacher.” But the truth is you don’t learn because you experienced something, you learn by analysing your past experience. To improve your gaming skills, you need to constantly analyse your gaming performance.

Re-watching your gameplay is an awesome way to figure out where you’re doing well and where you need to improve on.
Before now it was difficult to re-watch your gameplay, but with the introduction of in-game highlights packages on Pcs and consoles and several streaming services, you can easily re-watch gameplay. In fact, with the help of Twitch, you can as well ask other gamers to watch your gaming performance and provide you with instant feedback. 


Building good gaming skills requires commitment, just like a city is not built in one day, your gaming skills are not built in a day. It requires time, efforts, and patients.

This post was created for gamers who want to learn new ways to improve their gaming skills and become better gamers. The tips here are both for nods and expert gamers.
It’s my hope that you find the tips useful and helpful.
Also, feel free to let me know in the comments if you think I missed any useful tips. I’d love to hear from you!

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