1O Facts About Candy Crush Saga You NEED To Know ~ By Uchenna Agwu

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1O Facts About Candy Crush Saga You NEED To Know ~ By Uchenna Agwu

Do you love playing Candy Crush Saga? If yes, here are 10 facts about Candy Crush Saga that you may never know exist.

 I’ve put together these ten facts to help make playing the game more exciting and fun.

 I’m sure you’ll find a fact or two that will help spice up your Candy Crush Saga gaming experience.

 Ready to find out?

 Let’s get to it.


Can I get Unlimited Life In Candy Crush?

 Candy Crush is a game so many people love to play including me, but the only challenge is that you’re giving just 5 lives, once you exhaust it, you’ll have to wait for some time before you will be able to play again.

 But it can be annoying having to wait for sometimes before being able to play again, especially when you want to use the game to entertain yourself.

 If that has been your case, smile! Because I have good news for you, and the good news is you can get unlimited life in Candy Crush Saga, so you don’t have to wait even a sec again after you exhausted the initial five lives given to you.

Candy Crush Saga Blog by Uchenna Agwu as a Featured Content Creator for Soesic Gaming


Here’s how to get unlimited life in Candy Crush Saga:

If you’re playing using Facebook all you need to do is to open several tabs with the Candy Crush Saga game in all of those tabs when you use up the five lives given to you, you’ll have more lives to use in those other tabs.


 What if you’re not using Facebook to play?

 You can still get unlimited life even if you’re playing with Android, iPhone, or IPad. Here’s how to do it:

Head to your device setting and adjust your time each time you exhaust your five life, immediately you adjust you will be giving another time. This trick works because Candy Crush Saga gives you lives according to your device time. So you can keep on adjusting your time each time you finish your five lives.


Can You Cheat On Candy Crush?

Yes. You cheat in Candy Crush Saga, but it’s important to keep in mind that while there are several ways to cheat in this game, which getting unlimited that we just talked about is one of them, a lot of programs that promise to give you free boosters, lives, or help hack your Candy Crush Saga are mostly scams. So never signup for such services or download any app or software from untrusted sources even if it promises to help you skip a level or give you more life. 


Candy Crush Saga blog by Uchenna Agwu as a Featured Content Creator for Soesic Gaming


How Many Levels Are There In Candy Crush 2020?

Presently Candy Crush Saga has 8270 levels and 552 episodes in the HTML version, windows 10 Apple version has more levels. Also, Flash version holds 2825 levels in 189 episodes, though by 31 December Adobe Flash Player will be no more.


Can You Still Play Candy Crush Without Facebook?

Yes, you can play Candy Crush Saga without Facebook. You can download and install Candy Crush Saga on your device either from Google Play Store or Apple Store depending on the type of device that you’re using.


How Do I Save My Candy Crush Progress With Facebook?

 Yes, you can save your Candy Crush progress with Facebook in five simple steps:

  1. Launch the game on your old device.
  2. Backup your Candy Crush progress and connect to Facebook, by doing this you’re synchronizing your game progress with the game server.
  3. Install the game in your old device, if you’re using IPad you’d download from Apple Store if you’re using Android you’d download from Google Play Store.
  4. Lunch Candy Crush on the new device.
  5. Connect to your Facebook account.

Once you complete these five steps all your gold bars and levels you’d be transferred to your new device.


 Is Candy Crush Bad For Your Brain?

Playing a game like Candy Crush Saga that allows you to win and progress to the next level gives you a great sense of satisfaction thereby activating a brain reward system called Dopamine. When this neurochemical is released your brain responds by forming a circuit that enhances addictive behaviour, and also pleasure responses. Dopamine has lots of benefits, though it can also be a bad chemical.


This chemical contributes greatly to your learning and helps you form behavioural responses. The more Dopamine you release, the more your route to developing bad or good behaviour.

 To tell whether Candy Crush Saga is good or bad for your brain will require taking out time to examine its impact in your life. Are you spending too much time playing it? Are you spending too much money on the in-purchase items? Do you use it to release your brain when you feel stressed up?  

The answer to the above questions will help you determine whether it’s good or bad for your brain.


 Can I play Candy Crush Saga For Free?

Yes, you can play Candy Crush Saga for free. The game is actually free to play, though there are optional in-game items that require payment. But if you don’t want the in-game item you can easily turn off the payment feature by simply going to your device settings and disable in-purchases.


Does Candy Crush Saga Have An End?

So long as the game developer (Kings) keeps releasing new levels, Candy Crush Saga does not have an end. The only way the game will have an end is if the developer stops releasing new levels. You can temporarily get to the last level when the game developer hasn’t released another level.


Candy Crush Saga blog by Uchenna Agwu as a Featured Content Creator for Soesic Gaming


 Can I Download Candy Crush?

 Yes, you can download Candy Crush Saga. You can easily download, install, and play the game on your devices – mobile phones, tablet, or laptop for free. But there are several optional in-purchase that you can make to enhance your Candy Crush Saga gaming experience.


 Final Thoughts

 There you have it. There are several other facts that I didn’t mention in this article.

Some of those facts are quite shocking, but let’s leave something for a future article.

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