'SMITE: The Battleground of the Gods- Overview' ~ by Ric Forbes

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'SMITE: The Battleground of the Gods- Overview' ~ by Ric Forbes

Smite is a 3D fantasy MOBA where players take on the role of mythological gods. What makes Smite unique is its third-person camera view and keyboard controls that puts players closer to the action.  


SMITE in a nutshell

SMITE is named "The Battleground of the Gods" due to the characters that mythological gods, from different pantheons such as Scylla, Odin, Mercury, Agni, and Thoth.

SMITE is a free-to-play game so the number of gods in the game has increased over time. So far there are over 100 gods that are available in the game with more to come.

Hi-Rez took a great time and care in designing these gods because each one feels different than the next.

They all have their own unique looks, moves, taunts, and voices that match their lore.

Every god in the game, aside from Hel and Ullr, has three abilities and an ultimate.

Ullr and Hel are stance characters so their Ultimate allows them to switch stances. This giving them six different abilities.

Every god has different abilities so the game can be quite overwhelming for new players.

It will take some time with each character before you can learn about you and your opponent's moves.

Collect gold by killing minions, jungle monsters, and other players. Once you’ve collected enough gold, you can purchase items to boost strength or build your defense.

You will want to learn everything about this game and its gods. Don't get discouraged if you bomb the first few games when you first start playing. Everyone does and it will take some time to get better. Practice makes perfection


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Game Modes

SMITE comes with different game modes to keep you busy. There are several different Game Modes in SMITE. Each mode has its own unique map with its own playstyle, rules, and objectives. Common among each mode is the existence of minions and structures. The players' objective is to defeat the enemies' Titan.

  • Arena is 5 v 5 fighting in an arena and resembles a team deathmatch. This is a perfect mode for players to practice new gods and has its own strategy that differs from the other modes.

  • Assault is a 5 v 5 battle with a single lane and every player is assigned a random god.

  • Joust features a single lane, a jungle, and is a 3 v 3 battle.

  • Conquest starts off with two teams of 5-players fight off in a three-laned map

  • Siege – A faster version of Conquest. It consists of only two lanes and comes with a special minion that deals extra damage to the structures.

  • Clash - A 5v5 casual game mode meant to be a middle ground between the Conquest and Arena. It features two lanes defended by structures. The goal of each team is to push down the opponent's defenses and defeat the enemy Titan.

SMITE also includes a "Match of the Day" where every day a new game mode will become available. So you won't have to worry about making a huge time commitment unless you are playing conquest.  

You could get a MOTD where you play as all the same character.

Or one where you all start at level 20 with 100,00 gold, or a match where you play as physical characters only.

They have a huge list of game modes so you will most likely see something new and exciting every day. The other great thing about these game modes is that they aren’t that time-consuming.


Smite blog by Ric Forbes on Soesic Gaming


Pantheon of gods

Players take on the different mythological god and take part in combat. Using powers and team tactics against other players and minions. 

Five classes to choose from

  • Hunter- Hunter gods are typically ranged. They rely on Physical Power to boost the strength of their basic attacks and abilities. Most of them tend to be very item dependent and use their basic attacks to deal most of their damage.

  • Mage .  Mage gods are typically those with ranged attacks. They use Magical Power to boost the potency of their basic attacks and abilities. Their main source of damage tends to be their strong god abilities. Being capable of dealing large amounts of damage in a short period of time.

  • Warrior-. Warrior gods are typically meleeing. Using Physical Power to boost the strength of their basic attacks and abilities. The jacks of all trades who are capable of both dealing and sustaining a fair amount of damage.

  • Guardian-. Guardian gods are usually melee ranged.  And use Magical Power to boost the strength of their basic attacks and abilities. Their damage output tends to be low, but they usually have high crowd control. Capable of withstanding more damage than other classes. This allows them to protect their more vulnerable allies. Or setting up combinations and creating favorable opportunities for them.

  • Assassin - Assassin gods are usually meleeing. They utilize Physical Power to boost their basic attacks and abilities. They are generally gods with high mobility and burst damage. Assassins are capable of going in, taking down a target, and leaving before the enemy can react to it. They also tend to be able to clear the jungle efficiently.

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