Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout ~ by Ric Forbes

Fall Guys, Ric Forbes -

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout ~ by Ric Forbes

What is Fall Guys?

Start off with up to 60 players, who have to beat various challenges to qualify for the next round. The rules are simple. Be the fastest and gain Kudos.

There’s enough variety of challenging mini-games to keep things interesting. As most of the challenges are pretty light and entertaining.

There are a bunch of obstacle courses in these mini-games. They may include memory matching, football, or even an egg-hoarding challenge. Which is basically Hungry Hungry Hippos as a team.

Think of Fall Guys as a Mario Party with Fortnite's royal vibes. The controls are simple and will only take a few minutes to master; you can only run, jump, dive, and grab.

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout is one of 2020's lockdown triumphs.

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The Anatomy of Fall Guys

The soft and oversize characters look adorable.  One of the games' concept artists has shared a horrifying vision of its cute exterior. – and we do apologize in advance.

Mediatonic Games 'Tudor Morris' nightmare drawing reveals an alien-like skull on their Instagram.

Fall Guys Article / Blog on Soesic Gaming


With a curved neck, large hands, and, perhaps most terrifying, huge, protruding eyeballs.

Fall Guys Article / Blog on Soesic Gaming

There's been plenty of weird and wonderful character design examples over the years. But this is definitely one of the most disturbing.

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What is Fall Guys about?

Fall Guys is all about that race to get the golden crown in the final level. We know you can’t win them all, and there’s no sense in being a sore loser.

But some players wish they could just win one. Especially with the second season new and challenging courses.

Survive as long as you can through challenging obstacles. The longer you survive the more Kudos you get.

What are Kudos? Kudos are the main currency in Fall Guys. They can be earned by playing and awarded at the end of every match.

Be careful as others will attempt to sabotage your chances of winning.

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Earn Kudos and Crowns for Cosmetics

Simply earn more Kudos and Crowns by playing up to 5 mini-games and being the first. The more Kudos and Crowns you earn the more cosmetics you can buy.

Make your ‘little bean’ stand out with different styles to choose from. Why not make yourself look good while winning?


There are 3 ways to get Kudos:

  • Take part in the game shows. The more games you have managed to survive, the more Kudos you will receive.

(Kudos won in previous rounds will be lost if you lost connection to servers during the game.)

  • Get rewarded for reaching higher levels of experience. Kudos can be given for reaching certain player levels.
  • Buying them with real money. If you don't want to wait and earn all those Kudos- you can buy them in real-time.

It's not a recommended method, because even if you new, you will still get some Kudos for every game played.


Crowns are an additional currency and cannot be acquired through microtransactions.


There are 2 main ways to get Crowns:

  • Win games - The Crown is awarded only to the player who placed first.
  • Get rewarded for advancing to higher levels of experience. Crowns can be rewards for achieving certain player levels.

Kudos and Crowns are spent in the store. Various items are bought with Kudos or more Crowns.


The store's offered items changes daily. If you don't see anything interesting, simply wait for new items the next day. You can also sample each item before buying it.


All items bought with Kudos and Crowns are only cosmetic items.

You can't buy items that would affect the way the game is played or increase your chances of winning games.


Customize your Fall Guy 

There are a variety of different outfits to select from. From the newly released Godzilla Skin to the first Pidgeon Skin, options are endless.

Fall Guys Article / Blog on Soesic Gaming


The costumes are purely for esthetic and won’t affect characters in the game.

The costumes in the game are divided into upper and lower parts of your Fall Guy.

With two different parts of the costume, it gives form to a complete costume.

The top and lower parts are sold (or obtained as a reward) separately. There are also skins you can get in-game through the season pass or rotating store.

This means that you can have the upper part of a costume, but not the lower, or vice versa. Don’t be afraid to mix and match costumes.

Dress up your ‘bean’ any way you want. Create your perfect combination for your character.

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