'Are you Dragon Borne Ready?' ~ Skyrim Article by Ric Forbes

'Are you Dragon Borne Ready?' ~ Skyrim Article by Ric Forbes

The Game That Never Gets Old

After we complete a game, we tend not to ever play it again, just leaving it in its case to collect dust like an old photo album. It happens to a lot of games we complete.

That all changed on November 11, 2011, Bethesda gave the world a new experience. Skyrim is an action role-playing video game and is considered the blueprint for other role-playing games today.

Focused on the unpredictable stories and social interactions. Bethesda had made a world unlike no other. With more than 200 hours of playtime, it meshes very well with the rising interest in open-world games. Your imagination is the limit.

Before Skyrim was released, Bethesda allured gamers with promises of an endless landscape to explore. And they delivered. Pointing out mountains looming in the distance that you could actually walk to and climb.

Its massive world of unique caverns and chambers are filled with secrets and threats. This has labeled Skyrim as essentially the blueprint for the RPGs we play today, and years later. You could journey to any point and discover something to do.

Everybody that plays is drawn to the Throat of the World unexpectedly.
When you embark on your journey, there’s a jagged peak that lures you in from miles away. The game draws you in even closer until you’ve reached the top with a sense of pure achievement. Then come across an enclave of priests, the Greybeards, who show you how to speak with the voice of Dovah-Kiin

With many styles to choose from, you can create your own customized character. From the Nords to Wood Elves and even Argonians, you have the freedom of customization on how you want to play.
During your quest, you will discover remarkable attire as you play your way as the Dragon-Born. Obtain the mystical armor and items so you can pulverize the next giant and take its chest loaded with gold.

When playing Skyrim you’ll feel right there, like you’re in no other game of its kind. Instead of trying to play how the game wants you to play, you have the ability to play how you wish. Free.

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Don’t Want to Play Alone? Take it Online

If you don’t want to go on the solo journey and wish to interact with other players, take Skyrim online. Elder Scrolls Online plays more like an MMO but has a lot in common with other elder scrolls too it’s sort of a hybrid. If you like the story and exploration part of Elder Scrolls games then ESO is the game for you.

There are tons of areas to explore, lots to see, and lots to experience. Each area has its own main story (questline) that easily flows together. There are underlying questlines for the main story, the mages guild, and fighters guild.

It’s worth playing as you get to see all of Tamriel in modern graphics. It has amazing lore and very fun to play. Leveling up can be more grindy than Skyrim or Morrowind. It’s about slowly building your character which takes time but is totally worth it.

The combat mechanics are a lot different. It's closer to MMO style combat than the classic elder scrolls.

With hundreds of hours of content, you get a cool atmosphere. There are also tons of solo content for you to play through. You can go anywhere in the world due to level scaling and there is no subscription required.

Craft your own home as you progress through missions to store your rare and special items. Or have fun as you can sneaking around to pickpocket unsuspecting civilians.
Over 7 million people claimed to have purchased and played his game since its launch six years ago. Not bad, considering that number reportedly doesn't include the many players.
Most of those who partook in the bata or those who jumped in on the free trial on the Xbox One, may not have been reported.

In its early stage, it was a rough climb for ESO. Criticisms swirled about how it allegedly failed to live up to its Elder Scrolls hype.
With monthly patches and updates, ESO continuously makes the game more interesting. They improve the gaming experience by adding new graphics, characters, and more.

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Mod Your Experience

Take it a step further and change up your whole game. With mods being put out on Bethesda's page, you can play any way you want. Modifications can be made from animals to weapons.

One popular mod is the Realistic dialog Overhaul. It’s available on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.
Have you ever been walking through one of Skyrim's cities, when a few people start to beg for your attention?

Of course, you have. The people roaming through the big cities just love to chat and this mod lets them do it to their heart's content. Only to other NPCs - not you. This means strolling through a village is suddenly much more immersive.

This is only one of many mods that can be added to your game. Not to worry, patches and mod updates happen frequently. Modding Skyrim can be as easy or complicated as you want it, depending on what you're looking to get out of your game.

Some mods massively upgrade the enemies. Even at the very first dungeon, it could serve as a challenge until level 20-30. Head there early on and the bandits with their starter gear will one-shot you with their bows.

And if you manage to survive long enough, you'll eventually be thrown off the mountain to the ground from one hit. The limit to the mods is your imagination.

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