A Streamers Blueprint for More Views by Ric Forbes

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A Streamers Blueprint for More Views by Ric Forbes

Anyone can rapidly gain more viewers with these reliable methods!

Starting a stream is easy but gaining followers is hard work. We all want to be the next NICKMERCS or Tfue. The problem is most of us are clueless about where to start. Everyone begins their streaming journey with an empty audience. And that definitely takes the fun out of things. You don’t have to worry about starting out with zero followers. You can click here to see how you can start streaming, even from scratch.

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9 Simple Solutions for More Views

         1.) Persistence: Being consistent shows your fans know that you'll be LIVE over and over. This allows for a higher chance of them to share your content on their social media. Organic distribution is the most effective way to get more viewers on live streams. The more content you provide, the more time your audience has invested in you. Just be yourself and have fun.


        2.) Choosing your style: When it comes to streaming you should choose your gear carefully. Having improper equipment can result in viewers unsubscribing. Choosing your audio and visual gear is vital in growing your stream. Nobody wants to watch a dark lit-blocky video while you play. Some streamers even take it further by adding a green screen. Allowing them to have a plethora of backgrounds.

A streamer that has a great mic can talk to and engage with their audience while they work their gaming magic.


        3.) Best times to stream: Choosing the best time to stream varies on your location. Generally, streaming between midnight and 9 am PST. This will give your channel a greater chance of being noticed. Most gamers have personal lives that preoccupy their time. And the viewing activity is lower during the typical work hours.



        4.) Speak to the viewers: As you’re streaming, viewers pop in and out to see what’s going on. Interacting with your viewers will make them feel ‘special’. Saying ‘hello’ or asking a simple question like ‘Where are you from?’ will make your audience engage a lot more.

Reward your new subscribers. Give shoutouts or have alerts on your stream to show that they follow.

You should get used to talking to yourself. It may feel awkward at first talking, laughing, and making jokes into the void- but just keep on doing it.


A Streamer's Blueprint by Ric Forbes on Soesic Gaming



        5.) Collaborations: The main goal is to share your viewer base with others. Always be welcoming and friendly. Collaborating with other streamers allows for more diversity in your following. Now your audience follows the other collab person, and their audience follows you. People will generally "stick" with their streamer and may watch you when the other person isn't on. Share shoutouts with other streamers and even give them a follow.


       6.)Be different: Having unique content will separate your stream from the rest. Some streamers have a green screen to make a more personal experience while watching. If you are a streamer you should stand out from other broadcasters. In fact, this is one of the biggest things Twitch has stated they look for when adding new partners. Some streamers make it all about playing games with their community. As others focus on role-playing characters.


         7.)Cross-promotions: First and above all else make sure your channel is something worth your audience’s time. Once that is established, then you can self-promote.

As far as building a fan base, YouTube and Twitter are best. Make highlights, or even unique content for youtube then cross-promote with twitch. Use the comment section and Twitter to interact with your audience. As you grow you will be invited to streaming groups. This allows you to put yourself out there and promote your channel. You can also create one on your own, where you guys can host and promote each other.


A Streamer's Blueprint by Ric Forbes on Soesic Gaming


        8.)Naming your stream: Choosing your title can be as tedious as customizing a new character. A good name for a LIVE stream video will capture the attention of viewers who are browsing channels.

Your title should explain the content in a creative way and invite them to watch the broadcast.

Titles are also often sent to your subscribers when you begin to live-stream. A catchy title may snag them from whatever they are doing and tune in.


         9.) What to play? When it comes to streaming, the game you choose is critical. You would want to do research for which games are most streamed.

NOTE: NOT all games are created equal.

When deciding your niche (or which game you should stream), you should focus on your community. Even as a beginner, you want to produce something that people will want to watch. Play something you truly enjoy or something that you’re passionate about. Because growing your stream playing an unknown game that few have heard of isn’t going to work.


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