What is Soesic Clothing Co. ?

What is Soesic Clothing Co. ?

Written by Zack Hill, Co-Founder

Are you a young, creative person?

Do you love to express yourself in music and clothing?

How about Skateboarding? Video Games? Art?

A new clothing brand, Soesic Clothing Co. recognizes and celebrates the young and the dynamic, the quirky and the urban generation.

Soesic clothing will let you wear your personality.

Why Be Basic, When You Can Be SOESIC?

Our creative, fresh, fun, and often cartooney designs are highly original and add that perfect punch to your daily wardrobe.

From shirts to hoodies, for both men and women, we offer a wide range of unique and spectacular clothing.

Quality and originality is the foundation upon which Soesic Clothing Co. stands tall and strong.

The millennial generation has varied and diverse interests, just like the varied and diverse personalities.

Hip hop is more than just a musical genre; it has become more of a lifestyle. The hip hop lifestyle has its own unique sense of clothing and styling and Soesic Clothing Co. offers a great collection for Hip Hop fans. You can express yourself and wear your love for hip hop and underground and niche cultures that you love - all day, every day.

There are so many young people who are passionate about skateboarding. Skateboarding today has grown from being a sport to a community of people who embrace freedom and excitement as a way of life.

Our clothing will not just allow you to express your passion but also support it.

So whether you are a skateboarder, a trend setter, a gamer, an artist, or a part of the urban community, Soesic Clothing Co. is for everyone who wants to wear a brand that makes a statement of creativity and community of its own. Choose from a wide range of cool designs, great colors, styles and variety and make your wardrobe more fun and quirky. Our products are also great for gifting. If your best friend’s birthday is coming up or you want to set the ‘twinning’ trend, grab the perfect shirts or outerwear from Soesic Clothing Co. and make a fashionable and cool statement.

While our clothing line is creative and cool, it is also extremely comfortable. We believe that comfort is the most important element of fashion and style. Unless you are comfortable in what you are wearing, you will never be able to be yourself and let your natural personality shine through. We use primarily cotton and polyester fabrics of premium quality and ensure that every product goes through strict quality checks before it reaches you. Soesic Clothing Co. has been built by creative minds that understand that quality is the basic need for any and every piece of clothing.

Being a young and creative company we also have an active Instagram account where we feature our dear customers and content relevant to the customer. Many of our early customers are from our hometowns of Corbin and Richmond, Kentucky. They have seen our vision for the brand and share our passion. To join our featured list, all you need to do is send us a picture of you, wearing your Soesic gear and we will show the world how great you look. #soesicclothingco 

Our very affordable prices and minimal shipping charges make it an even better deal for you! We don’t want to burn a hole in your pocket and thus all of our products are extremely reasonably priced. The durability and quality are added compliments to the price you pay. We also guarantee customer satisfaction. Please go through the shipping and returns policy for more in depth information.

There’s more!

We will continuously update and add more cool and creative designs to our list of products.

So you can keep coming back for more Soesic designs and build your original and cool wardrobe. Our team of designers are constantly working on creative and cool clothing designs, like you can’t find anywhere else. You can follow us on Instagram and Facebook to know the latest updates and keep track of everything that’s on offer at Soesic Clothing.

Soesic clothing was built with a vision to cater to the young generation. Today, while there are many clothing brands out there, there isn’t a single platform that recognizes and celebrates the likes and dislikes, interests and passions of the young and urban millennial crowd as a whole - especially not like us.

Skateboarding, hip hop, gaming, music and the whole ‘cartooney’ art themes are something that is such an integral part of the young generation and our want to express, live, and be free. We wanted to build something that allows them to be who they are, express who they are and still not have to explain it to the world. Let your clothing do the talking!

Who we are and what we stand for, like or follow, are all elements of our personality; clothing can greatly enhance how we display this unique personality.

Soesic Clothing is truly and solemnly for the young minds who are sure about themselves. It’s time to make a statement, a statement that celebrates your passions and celebrates your uniqueness.

So indulge, splurge and get the best deals on the coolest new clothing brand. Welcome to the Soesic Clothing Co., where originality and creativity give rise to trends.

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