There's An Imposter 'Among Us' ~ By AJ Forrisi

AJ Forrisi, Among Us -

There's An Imposter 'Among Us' ~ By AJ Forrisi

If you’ve read my last article, or even my bio it states that I’m “an avid gamer, mostly on PlayStation.” Which is true, mostly. I am an avid gamer and have a deep respect for video games and the gaming community.

I’d been playing video games since I was a kid, taking breaks here and there when I couldn’t afford the newest system at the time of release. My overall collection of video games isn’t super deep, but I digress. I’ve played some of the biggest titles and call a host of them my favorites. Since I was a kid, growing up only two systems really held a dominant role in my upbringing: PlayStation and Nintendo.

But with that being said, I believe I have a confession to make:  

There’s an imposter among us. 

While I play video games, many would deem me, “not a real gamer.” I don’t play multiplayer games, for the most part. I’ve played the MMO games like Forge of Empires, but those are hard from what people would call “real games.” They’re convenient time passers while we mindlessly listen to tv in the back.  A while back I took a spin on Overwatch and was absolutely horrid. My buddies frequently carried me through matches as I died over and over, leaving them to win us the match, and those wins were ever so rare with me there. You could hear the disgust at another death or the minor mistakes.

Was I covering the point? Probably not. Was I frequently reloading? Also no. My tactics were the worst and it angered everyone in the group. I’d find myself alone waiting for a team who had no idea what they were up against. I was frequently told to just stay in practice and play competitive whenever I got better.

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Eventually Overwatch would crash my PS4, and I gave it up entirely. The last thing I wanted was to lose all of the games I had been playing on single player. I was never a COD fan, finding the same issues I’d had with Overwatch. My kill/death ratio was abysmal, and teammates probably ruptured arteries trying not to scream through the microphone. 


But first-person shooter games aren’t the only places I struggle. Any E-sports game is completely foreign to me. I stepped into an EA NHL online match and was blown out 6-0. My opponent probably was in stitches laughing at how he was probably playing against a toddler. I didn’t rage quit, I took my loss with honor, if you could say I had any. I tried my hand at NASCAR Heat, and failed all the same. But racing games have never been my forte. I’ve angered a good deal of racers by wrecking them when they had good chances of winning, and definitely not on purpose. I’d excel in the single player games because on my own, dying 75 times before the end of level 1 (I’m looking at you bloodborne). I’d find solace in those single player games where I was in a judgement free zone. But that’s a subject for another time.


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But with the rise of mobile gaming, I seem to have found a home. 
Since the game has come onto the scene, Among Us has helped me break out into the “multi-player gaming” world. 


It’s an interesting game to say the least. You and up to nine others are all on one of three maps trying to solve tasks and repair the science station you’re on. But there’s a twist besides just solving tasks. Among your group of scientists, you have at least one imposter. Their job is solely to stop your activities as a crewmate and kill as many of you as possible. As a crewmate, you have to figure out who the imposter, or potential imposters, are. 


Where do I fit in here? I began playing with my brother on a slow night after work. I’d seen all the “emergency meeting” memes, and hosts of other memes from this game, so why not join in on the fun? And I’ve had quite the barrel of laughs playing. 


I’ve had my fair share of wins, my fair share of losses, and an even fairer share of ejections at the hands of people who couldn’t appreciate good comedy. No, I never signed in as Spotify and called a meeting only to ask about never wanting ads again, though I’ve had my encounters with those players. And I certainly have never tried the “it’s red because he says shhh when we started.” Apparently, it works. But I’ve never seen it in action. I’ve pushed jokes too far with hosts, getting banned from servers. I’ve been caught red handed right after a kill, only to try and joke my way out of the allegation (long story short, I was ejected). 


So, as a player, what would be the best advice to win a game? For one, stay quiet until others have started talking about where the body was. If you’re the imposter, stay absolutely silent. Talking too much or blindly accusing others will be a telltale sign as to who the imposter is. But as a crewmate, follow someone around you see as trustworthy. There’s a good number of visible tasks like weapons or shields that give you the ability to trust a crewmate. Stick with them, they’ll be your alibi when someone comes accusing you. Every game plays completely different, so your tactics may have to change depending on your server, but these have worked for me.


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 So, as I started this piece, I claimed to be an imposter. I’m not really good at multiplayer games, especially those with a ranking system. I’ll stick around the lower ranks and if by some stroke of luck get into a higher rank, I’m immediately belittled and teased at how awful I am. But does that make me a true “video game imposter”? I’d like to believe the jury is still out on this decision, maybe they’ve all skipped and let me prove myself another round. But one thing’s for sure, I’ve found a new home in mobile gaming with Among Us. 


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